Haven Acres Farm


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Here you'll find lots of info about our little farm... Please excuse the ads!!! Read the FAQ for some info on common questions the kiddos ask, and a bit of history can be found in About Us. Under Menu, you'll find a list of our current available produce, and how to get a hold of us for egg availability. Check out upcoming events and holidays in the left column of this page... Don't forget to Like our page on Facebook, and leave a testimonial :)

Feel free to email us with any questions! See you at the farm! 

- Angel, Ryan and the Critters

 This is Sweet Pea, our Shetland/Mini cross. :) 

A Little History About Us...


Well, we aren't a big, fancy farm... Just a little happy little place tucked away in Central Michigan. We started out as any other family with a dog and a kitty and a little bit of yard. Things changed when Sweet Pea came to us. She was a sort of rescue, though she came from a family that cared about her. She was one of three ponies in a muddy pen with a bunch of other horses and a donkey. She didn't want to be caught, and it has taken a long time for her to trust people again. She is happy here with us as an only child, and seems to enjoy keeping watch over her little flock of chickens and kitties. Ryan initially didn't want chickens, but I told him about Grampa VanMeter having hens when I was growing up. He gave in, and now says he enjoys having the ladies pecking around. "They are funny little animals," he says.

Barn Kitty also found sanctuary here... She was found as a youngster down at Janet and Randy's house, and we worried about her and the busy road... So, now she sticks around the farm, and even made it indoors last winter (despite Ryan's desire to have no more inside kitties!) One night, in early spring (while we waited for Spay Day),  Barn Kitty's midnight croonings for a wandering suitor were too much for Ryan's patience, and she got booted outside! Nine weeks later, we changed her name to Mama Kitty when she brought 5 beautiful kittens into the world. We adopted two out to the Lynch family, but plans fell through for Emma and Spot. Ryan said that if everyone was fixed, they could stay :) And as part of the agreement, Spotty and Special K keep mice out of Ryan's garage... Jax loves his kitties (but chases off the neighbor cats when told to "get that kitty!") and a kindling romance has begun between Spotty Kitty and Indoor Gary... They kiss through the glass of the french doors. LOL

 Well, that's us in a nut shell... Bring the kiddos and come on by for a pony ride :)